What emulators and older games do you like playing on pc and what ones on console?

Random question but what I mean, is that with the old old systems like C64 and Zx Spectrum they feel right at home on a pc monitor, but console games feel out of place on a monitor so I either play them on my Xbox or on my pc via my hdtv.

And point and click games I feel weird seeing on a tv and like to play them on a pc monitor, so basically the type of thing they were designed for.

What about you?


i play the gba game, advanced wars on my tv through my wii.


They're the same thing, I'm not sure what you mean? What is the … They're the same thing, I'm not sure what you mean? What is the difference between a TV and a monitor in your opinion? They are both LCD panels (generally).

I think he means that when you are emulating certain Consoles on your PC, it doesn't feel right.It's not so much to do with the Monitor or TV.

Playing N64 Games through Homebrew on your Wii feels quite normal, but on your PC through Project64, it feels quite strange.
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