What ever happend to Rayman?

Found 13th Mar 2008
what happened to Rayman hes a moderator havent seen him for a long time. is he well i hope so?
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I saw him about the other day.
it's those damn raving rabbids
he is still about, but i miss seeing him about on the FS boards
I think he went back to his day job of starring in light-hearted platform adventure games for PS2, Xbox, and PC.

I might be wrong though.....
Is this a Rayman stalking thread?!?
And the PS1 Rayman game was great BTW
awww there he is, well done daniel:thumbsup:
Yep, that's definately him in that picture, at a HotUKdeals conference, advising people that just because they have big ears, they still have the same rights as everyone else when it comes to posting on this site.

I was there, and he got a big round of ear-slapping applause at the end of his speech.
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oh yer saw the posts just havent seen much of him normally he used post quite a lot i think hes cut down.

he is still about, but i miss seeing him about on the FS boards

Rayman still does lots of work in FS/FT. Even if he's not posting much in there, he's giving advice on it to other moderators responding to reports.

He's a busy bee and a great member of the team. I miss his old black-and-white stick figure avatar sometimes, though. :-D
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