What exactly is a 'promo' cd? Have i been had???

    I bought a cd on ebay classed as a 'promo' cd.

    I had the belief that the cd would be of professional standard, to be provided to radio stations, magazines etc for them to play / review.

    What i received was a green cd in a case with a plain paper cover which was printed on a [poor] home printer.

    Are geunine 'promo' cds like this, or is the seller using the term 'promo' where he really means copied?

    Pretty sure i know the answer already, but would like to hear if anyone knows anything I dont, before taking it further.



    Sounds to me like a copy, I have seen some very basic Vinyl promos, CD's usually have some artwork although they do often come with card sleeves.

    Nah genuine promos cds are normally plain white with details printed onto them

    Sounds like its an independant promo cd, group/singer not signed. Many years ago I recieved promo cd's from someone at Sony and they were with the proper finished sleeve and cd print so I take that to be industry standard.

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    The cover on this is folded standard paper - not even card.

    Also, would a genuine promo cd not be printed on a commercial cd, not a green cd?!?!


    couldnt get the bottom right hand side any bigger but thats whats on most of my promos but then I am going back a bit

    I have hundreds of promo CD's from various record labels. They vary in standard from your normal looking retail CD right through to looking like a shoddy pirate copy. What you state you have is pretty much standard for a promo. I wouldnt worry about it.

    What band is it just out of interest?

    I have a fair few promo's as well, used to collect them back in the day, that looks fine, any chance of a pic of the actual disc though

    if its a small independant label then almost anything can pass for a promo, a cdr quickly burned and written on with marker pen is a promo if you send it out as a promotional copy ahead of release :thumbsup:

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    ta for your input and effort guys.

    I guess it could differ, depending on record label. Mine is 'Nurture' and 'V2'.

    The front cover is folded paper with a title on it, printed by an inkjet printer.

    The back cover is purely track listings, on standard paper, also printed on an inkjet.

    The cd has been printed on, but as I said before - its a green tinted cd, which is not how commerical cds come.

    Commercial cds are written from above, which is different to home cd-rs. You can also see where the date has been written - there cd rings cover half the disk. I think all commercial cds are written to the end.

    Perhaps im making a fuss over nothing, but i dont like the thought of being ripped off, and i dont want to line the pockets of piracy.

    One final note - on my pc it says the files were written to disk in 1995 - but the cd was only released in 2005!!!
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