What films make you cry? *CONTAINS SPOILERS!*

    my 13 year old cried at her first film today...
    "WILSOOOOOOOOOOOOON!" (cast away)

    Elf is the only film to make me cry lol
    what films do you blub at?



    Star Trek: Wrath of Kahn when I was about 6 then no tears until One Flew Over the Cuckoos nest when I first saw it when I was 15.

    These days I seem to be fighting back tears on anything.

    Terminator 2 when i was about 5

    This bit :-(

    watership down when i was about 8 and go towards the light. i was about 15.

    Original Poster


    green mile, go towards the light, forrest gump.

    aw now that is a sad film :-(


    Lost :whistling:

    Original Poster

    i must sound really daft crying at elf but they were happy tears, lol
    i love christmas so much and it was really really christmassy, just made me so happy i blubbed

    The Last Song :cry:



    i must sound really daft crying at elf but they were happy tears, loli … i must sound really daft crying at elf but they were happy tears, loli love christmas so much and it was really really christmassy, just made me so happy i blubbed

    Loooool ! :lol:

    Marley & Me :oops:

    busty babes volume 8....I had to go through a few packs of tissues...:whistling:

    just castaway when he loses wilson!

    p.s i love you


    Lost :whistling:


    fifty first date.
    made me blub like a little girl

    Lassie :cry:

    Original Poster


    just castaway when he loses wilson!



    our wedding video makes mrs barky and myself both cry-but for different reasons:whistling:

    Everything makes me cry.

    The Champ:oops:



    Everything makes me cry.

    work :thumbsup:


    work :thumbsup:

    Go and bloody do some yourself!

    Two movies.

    Monsters Inc (when Boo's door gets shredded)
    The Bucket List (when Freeman dies)

    im 34 and cried to the champ when i was 7 , im no better now seven pounds, was the latest


    The Champ:oops:

    yep that one for me too wake up champ you got to wake up and recently hatchi with richard gere sooooooooo sad i cried buckets


    I cried to nanny mcphee. Really got me emotional. Her face is horid.

    The Pursuit of Happyness, forgot about that one! :thumbsup:

    Beaches, old like me :oops:

    the last snows of spring and imitation of life both tearjerkers



    Go and bloody do some yourself!

    I am :thumbsup:

    Et works for me

    Top Gun when Goose dies!

    this made me crumple, I sobbed :oops:

    The Kite runner and The Boy in Striped Pyjamas

    elephant man.

    omg it was terrible
    i had to wait in the cinema for 20 mins coz i was blubbing so much
    broken hearted just thinking about it


    p.s i love you

    I cried more at the book!! Film was great though:thumbsup:


    no film has ever made me cry....:oops:

    You hard nosed Scotswoman you :-D

    I always cry at the scene in Ghost when "the light" comes for Sam and Molly can hear him again
    :cry: ..............then THAT song starts up and he says something like "Its amazing Molly, the love you feel inside, you take it with you" oooohhhhh its soooo sad!! Here it is…ted

    Up had me fighting back the tears. :cry:

    Dont really cry but do well up sometimes, the last time:

    Love Happens

    Marley & the end:cry::cry:


    Marley & Me :oops:

    This is the first one that came to mind for me as well, I have to admit to crying when reading the book although my own dog was fine and healthy at the time. When I went to see the film at the cinema though it was much harder going as my own dog wasn't far off Marley, we'd been through the struggling up stairs and slowing down then more recently he'd been diagnosed with fairly serious renal failure so we'd been given the warning that his days were limited. Watching it all on the big screen through to its finish was quite upsetting although I wasn't on my own, I've never been at a film were so many people have been sobbing and crying.

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