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What fire front can I get to go on an old Back boiler? ALSO need a Interior decorators quote

Posted 22nd Sep 2011
We are looking at having out living room walls striped and plastered, Along with new skirting boards and wood flooring. But we are stuck with a ugly fire.

We have an old original Baxa I think back boiler, We haven't the funds yet for a new combi boiler so we are just wondering if there are any fire fronts which look more modern and tidy that can go onto the back boiler.

Also can anyone give a rough estimate of how much Plastering wouldd be for a room of aorund 22 sq metre? And How much roughly it would cost for flooring laid and new skrting?

Thanks in advance. Hoping to get a couple of men round to quote soon. But just after a rough idea.
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