Found 20th Jan 2010
Out of all the forums on HUKD what are the first 3 you normally go on?

Am bored and want something to read in the morning lol

I normaly go on the following:

1: Freebies
2: Deals
3: Misc
Then everything else if i've gone through the first 3 lol

  1. Misc
  1. Misc

i used to do freebies before but theres nothing good on there since months, even if the current stuff is free, most of it is junk

None of them, I use RSS.

Misc & when it gets boring I move onto deals


None of them, I use RSS.


For Sale/Trade. Deals, Misc, DealRequests, Freebies.....

I just use 'all'

FS/FT, hot, new... and then on to pron.

Fs/Ft, deals then misc.

All then competitions

1. ,2. , 3., Days of christmas.

Deals, For sale/trade & Misc



I just use 'all'

yeah, I just use CUSTOM. Too much going on to be jumping between single sections.
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