Posted 31st Dec 2022 (Posted 22 h, 38 m ago)
Looking to get frying pan and need to use amazon promo before midnight tonight. What donyou guys recommend? Inwanted to get ninja zero stick but its oos
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    An air frying pan
    have to say mine conked out today after just a month.
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    “What frying pan do you swear by?“

    The one I’m stood next to when the oil spits out and burns me
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    le creuset
    Ooh la la
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    Stainless steel gang
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    Apart from being hit over the head by the other half when making a dodgy comment, I'd say Tefal are usually a good option.... probably plenty of offers around in wicks or Tesco.
    OP needs to use amazon promo
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    Get a stellar rocktanium
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    Cast iron frying pan will last longer
    I got one just for eggs yesterday 6inch version
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    Anything by Circulon. Treat it as per the instructions and they last forever. My ten year old ones look as good as the day i bought then.
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    The nearest.
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    We use Scoville usually get from Asda
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    Circulon. Mine are approx 5 years old and as good as the day I bought them.
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    I second tefal. As long as you don't use an abrasive sponge or put it in the dishwasher you will get some years out of it. I know there are health hazards with non stick but everything has a hazard these days. If not tefal see if there are any stainless steel pans maybe with a lid...
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    Cast iron.
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    Ask Paul Fowler. Poor Arthur
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    PUBG pan
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    Also on the stainless steel pans
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