Found 18th May 2011
Now this has been driving me mad for a while now so thought maybe someone on here knows the answer and knows the name of this game!

I used to play a game on the Atari ST, it was a 2d platform shooter and all I can remember is that you was an SAS style guy and one of the guns had 3 white balls that fired out like a fan, I think you encounter aliens and I remember shooting a ship of some desciption.

Very Vague I know but maybe someone knows

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Rolling Thunder?

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Rolling Thunder?

na thats not it, deffo that style of game tho

Turrican 2?

Contra 3, but I think that was only snes. Probably ^^ Turrican
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it sounds like strider to me??


Contra 3

yes contra of any variation sounds more like it, I must admit its been a while so ive really had trudge through the memory banks

Yep dont think that was on Atari st but still great game.


Contra 3, but I think that was only snes. Probably ^^ Turrican

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its not Turrican or Contra 3
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I think it was calld Bratuicus or someting along those lines

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Midnight … Midnight resistance?

THATS IT! have a cookie

This was one of my favourite games too - recognised it by the 3 way gun thingy. Took me 30 minutes of googling to find the name though, couldn't think of it for the life of me!!

Wow cool retro game never played on that one, any one remmber 1942 you was a airplane
and phoenixes heres a web site for old flash games…htm
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Makes a change from PS3 v 360 threads... Ah sack it... Amiga. Amiga!

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