Found 1st Apr 2011
i dont know what game to start, im a fan of games like god of war and assassins creed but dont know of any new ones out of the sort? i tried cod, not bad. had killzone 3 for a few weeks before selling it. bought crysis 2 yday but just cant get into it. dont want fifa 11 because its too **** taking when i lose when playing online and its too addictive lol suggestions plz, reccommend something new ive missed


Angry birds ftw. (_;)


battlefield: Bad Company 2
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Yakuza 3 [Which can be bought for £7] Its a nice game, I reccomend you buy number 3 before buying number 4.

Mass Effect 2 [Around £15-£20 on PS3 and £7 on Xbox 360]


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thnx peeps mass effect is next on my list
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