what games can my asus laptop run? specs are 8gb ram, intel i5 3210m, 1tb, nvidia geforce 610m 2gb

Found 22nd Apr 2014
It's a Asus laptop with 8gb of ram, 1tb of hard drive space, Intel I5 3210m. Graphic card of nvidia GeForce 2gb 610m

Can I run any COD games , battlefield , minecraft smoothly

And was wondering where could I check whether my laptop can run smoothly before buying.

New to gaming on laptop , usually on Xbox . Sorry if this is a stupid question, I have no clue
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look up benchmark you want between 30-60 fps

Entry level card so very low end but some games would be playable on lowest or lower settings.
owning a gaming pc myself i always use this website: systemrequirementslab.com/cyri
its got a list of pretty much any game you can think of. All you do is select your game and it analyses your computer hardware and tells you how well the game will perform.
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