Found 13th May 2010
Got a 360 last November, and I dunno if I should keep it. I've played quite a few games, but as you can see below, the amount of games I've enjoyed are far less than the many I've disliked. Can anyone recommend any smiliar games that are out now that I might enjoy, judging by the list below, or should I just give up and sell the console as it seem's I'm not too keen on 'deep' games anymore?!

Games I've loved :-
Resident Evil 5, Left 4 Dead, Mirror's Edge, Call of Juarez : Bound in Blood,

'OK' games -
Wolfenstein, Quantum of Solace, Call of Duty series, Stranglehold

Games I thought I'd like but really couldn't get into :-
Rainbow Six Vegas series.
Fallout 3
Banjo Kazzoie Nuts n Bolts
Gears of War series
Fable II
Dead Rising


Give Dead Space a go, it's a quality game. I'm just playing Alan Wake at the moment which plays somewhere between Heavy Rain and Silent Hill.

Interesting that you like Resi 5, L4D, QoS, Wolfenstein and don't like Gears!

Condemned - You'll find it for a fiver
Batman Arkham Asylum
Splinter Cell Conviction
Assassin's Creed II
DiRT 2
Lost Planet 1/2
Just Cause 2

EDIT: What about Halo 3?
Coming up:

Red Dead Redemption - if you loved Bound in Blood, you'll love this
Alan Wake - everyone will love this

Original Poster

I'm not keen on games with a sci-fi or futuristic setting, which is why I havent tried Dead Space or Halo, and was one of the factors on why I disliked Gears.

Batman and Assasin's Creed are two games that I keep forgetting about when doing 'To play' lists, so thanks for the reminder!

Splinter Cell Conviction -- this is my first Splinter Cell game and its very good. It's not like the earlier games apparently, which I see as a good thing as I didn't like them.
Skate 2 (or wait for Skate 3)
Quantum of Solace -- average, cheap game which'll keep you entertained for the duration of the story mode. It's certainly no Modern Warfare (although it is based off of that games engine) just noticed you've already had it

If you like beatem ups or want to give them a go, check out Blazblue: Calamity Trigger.
Massivly underrated fighter/Brawler AND its on offer at zavvi at the moment!
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