What games to get for xbox live?

Found 21st Nov 2007
as above i have halo 3 and ordering pes2008.

what others do you guys have? relatively new titles or released a few months.


Call of Duty 4
Poject Gotham Racing 4
Rainbow 6 vegas

All these are good games for playing on live

dont have xbox 360 but ill tell you the games i want ^^

Halo 3 like you have already is a must
Call of Duty 4 - amazing online apparently
Asassins creed - offline but looks pretty good
Orange box looks pretty good i have it on PC and is funny stuff.
Darkness - i am not sure if this is online though
oh and apparently strangle hold is good yet again dont think is online

Call of duty 4
Halo 3
Madden 07
Pes 2008
Virtua Tennis 3
Ace Combat 6

Does PGR4 have cat and mouse?


Does PGR4 have cat and mouse?

no cars:giggle:

ace combat is online?


Call of Duty 4...........

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thank you im not really sure about call of duty ill look at the trailers abit more.

my live id tag thingy is : xibyx

join us on COD 4


ace combat is online?THANK THE LORD.

Yep like 20 ppl online at a time

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will check the trailers out for call of duty.

demos take a while to download dont they?


demos take a while to download dont they?

Depends how fast your internet is.

Most demos take me a hour or so to download

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dont know my speed its hooked with wireless but before it used to be 6meg or sumfin.

Team Fortress 2 (on The Orange Box) is great online. Also another vote for Call of Duty 4 - its AMAZING. Best FPS on 360 so far imo.

To the poster above - yes, The Darkness is online but not great Im afraid. Really liked the story mode but online aint so good unfortunately.

Heard RS:Vegas is really good online but havnt tried it yet.

Call Of Duty 4 is awesome online.Feel free to join in and shoot me to bits!,I'm pretty rubbish at it!.:)

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looks like ill be getting pgr4 and cod4 but cod4 first because of how positive you lot are about it.

Anyone playing it on Veteran? Im playing on Hardened and its a test but still do-able. Just want to know how much difference there is between the two of them.

call of duty 4 is the best multiplayer game i've got
Rainbow 6 vegas is good
I like forza 2 aswell actually, even though i'm not much of a racer sim fan I like the challenge.
Gears of war will always be one of my favourites, havn't played it in ages but I'm sure it's still fun!

Xbox Live so for a different tack - the best xbox live games

Puzzle Quest - 1200 MS Points - Had good multiplayer
Uno - 400 MS Points - has multiplayer if your really bored

as far as Xbox games
Fifa 08
Virtua Tennis
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