What good Films/TV series people been watching?

    Just wondering if anybody can suggest some good (pref action) films available on DVD in the last year (not seen many recently!) or decent TV series.

    TV I have been watching includes:
    Alias (it's old but still catching up on it)

    Anyone suggest anything else?



    The series has finished now but Prison Break was awesome!

    True Blood

    A lot of others finished recently.


    I randomly bought State Of Play (the tv series) from 2003ish - around £4 in sainsburys. absolutely awesome!

    new american show called "hung"-very good,dexter(best show ever)


    A town called eureka
    true blood

    New shows i'm watching are:

    Burn Notice
    Dark Blue
    Warehouse 13

    Plus several more but there some you may enjoy.



    always sunny in Philadelphia
    Arrested Delvopment
    Curb your enthusiasm

    This year I have been mostly watching.

    Sarah Chronicles (terminator)

    All good

    Six feet under
    West Wing

    True blood & watching through the x-files again.

    The Unit is surprisingly good. It's long time since there has been a decent action based tv series.


    Dog The Bounty Hunterrrrr

    TV: Favourites are *starred, the rest are interesting enough to keep me watching for now....

    *The Unusuals
    *Lie To Me
    *Burn Notice
    *The Unit
    *Hung (They showed boobage! ^_^)

    Eleventh Hour
    The Listener
    Drop Dead Diva
    Warehouse 13
    Time Warp

    Films: Last good ones I remember...

    The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
    The Bucket List
    Running Scared

    Prison Break

    I think I may be a Sky1 junkie!


    A town called eurekatrue bloodhousechuckreaper


    When OPs LOST, Heroes etc finished I watched all of the Reaspers in 48 hours (Very good) Chuck is Fantastic, True Blood (VERY VERY GOOD) is the only one that is on at the mo, the rest are in the middle of seasons.
    House I dont watch but might.

    Cant wait for Chuck to come back (Even if only for 13 EP :(), Lost waiting to finish and answer the bloody questions, Heroes I am really looking forward to, and I hope they do another Reaper please please please. and fringe is a long way off i think
    Also my mate has been telling me to watch "The Loop" while it is dry out there

    The Shield for sure :thumbsup:

    Id Reccomend

    Rescue Me, Absolute Class
    Burn Notice, Superb also

    Another one is How I met your mother, I'm just coming to the end of the second season of that and am really enjoying it!

    Lie To Me - superb show - season finalé Thursday :-(
    True Blood - seems to be a real slow burner for me, better get better soon
    Hollyoaks - vacuous tv
    Everybody Hates Chris - always makes me laff and i am not sure why, just does
    Mythbusters - really good science show on Dmax i think it is

    True Blood, The Wire, Dexter all good series.

    never miss

    Lie To Me
    The Mentallist

    Just starting to watch

    The Guardian

    prison break

    Watching True Blood now, Dexter coming back soon, only see season 1 of Prison Break!

    Our favorite is 'Come dine with me'.

    I'll get my coat....


    Our favorite is 'Come dine with me'.

    Lol, how could i forget that, Dave Lamb makes the show, leg-end

    +1 for Dexter



    Our favorite is 'Come dine with me'.I'll get my coat....

    shame its doing the usual channel 4 trick.

    show a few new episodes then resort back to loads of repeats :x



    +1 for Dexter

    +110000 for dexter

    Original Poster

    Cheers all for the responses !!

    Some interesting looking ones there, i'll check out some reviews on IMDB.

    I notice True Blood mentioned a few times, I did watch a bit of the first episode the other day, but wasn't too sure about it. May give it another go.
    Looks like Dexter is one to watch....

    Thanks again all.

    true blood
    nurse jackie (funny as)
    the l word

    A good TV series to watch is Joss Whedon's Firefly and the movie Serenity. There is only 13 episodes to the show and the movie does a nice job wrapping things up.

    Also, The Bourne movies are good for action and adventure. :thumbsup:

    +1 Dexter

    theres a lack of quality tv on right now but true blood is great as is entourage and warehouse 13 shows some potential.

    think all the other shows I've been watching recently have been mentioned but worth a repeat anyway,

    terminator the sarah connor chronicles( wonderful piece of tv)
    chuck, fringe, firefly, battlestar galactica and caprica.

    oh and as a little guilty pleasure castle is excellent. sort of a cooler murder she wrote with nathan fillion(firefly).

    Dexter is the best tv show Ive ever watched. Theres three seasons of it, Season 1 is only 14 pound in Asda, Season 2 is around 18 across the net, and I think Season 3 is being released soon. Season 4 starts in September. Only 12 Eps a Season

    and Big Bang Theory is awesome too. Season 1 is also 13 pound in Asda (cheaper around the net) and Season 2 is out next month. Another 12 Eps a season
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