what graphics card do i need to play second life?

Found 9th Dec 2008
my girlfriend wants to play this game - whatever it's about - but my elderly dell dimension 1100 pc will not cope at the moment.

i have 2gb of ram and my monitor is an acer 19"

what card do i need? please, please, purlease let me know the cheapest option
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can you give any more information on the pc?

if you press the windows key and 'break' key at the same time you will get a list of your system specs such as processor etc.

Also here is a list of the minimum and recommended requirements for playing the game - compare this against your details it also shows you compatible graphics cards:


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you just need to find out whether your pc will need an agp or pci graphics card then too. Not too sure how old your pc is

it meets the recommended requirements, apart from graphics card

it has pci slots

any suggestions as to where i can get something cheap?

ta everyone (except BG of course)
was tempted to just go for the dell xps one system on here yesterday
Crappest game "ever".
I would assume the motherboard has a AGP slot which means it will cost you more now adays to buy a GFXs card for it "unlucky".

hiany suggestions as to where i can get something cheap?

[url]www.play.com[/url] usually has loads of cheap computer components - thats where I got my graphics card and ram :thumbsup:
you want to watch out with that game... was a doc on tv a little while back... anyone see it?
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