What graphics card should i get

    Can anybody recommend me a good graphics card that can play high end games such as crysis 2 and cod black ops

    I will be using dual monitors

    My budget is between £40-£80

    Anyhelp would be great

    My psu is 400w


    Double your budget and add a bit - honestly!

    You'll need a new psu and although I've not bought a gfx card in a while now I have two 4870s in crossfire and they run crysis 2 720p flawlessly - any higher and the framerate drops somewhat...


    i agree double your budget specially as your using dual monitors, and you will have to get a GOOD BRAND psu like a corsair ( no lower then 600w depeding card ).

    a great card atm is a 560 or even some of the ATI 6 series as there dropping nicely, depends if you want a DX11 compatible card aswell.

    Something in your budget possibly a 5770 cost around £80 new? I wouldn't say black ops is a high end game to be honest.
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