what happened to 12 month mobile contracts?


    I have 3 phone contracts with vodafone but to my disappointment they have simply refused to offer me 12 month contracts anymore, they say that such contracts does not exist anymore.

    even on mobile deals compare websites there are no 12 month deals, what's happening?

    anyone recently had a 12 month contract?

    all my 3 contracts were on 12 months tariff ..


    i would go to o2 and get a simplicity or similar on other networks, if your happy with the phones that it.

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    i am considering tthe tesco mobile £10/month offer (500min,500mb and unlimted texts) 30days rolling contract if its still available.

    Plenty of SIM only contracts with Vodafone, 12 month and 30 day contracts. Just got a 12 month iphone SIM only deal for 600 minutes, unlimited texts, 1GB internet and 1GB wifi for £15 a month.
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    Tesco do 12 month contracts, You probably pay more upfront for a good phone tho!

    The comapanies wont make enough money on a 12 month contract due to the price of smart phones.Now its all 18month and 24 month contracts

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    i agree with high end smartphone but there are many smart phones which are not that expensive such as htc wildfire etc (i saw some deals below 100 quid few weeks back)

    2 years or 18 months is way too long ter commitment..

    I got 2 12 month contracts last month from vodafone,phone back and speak to someone else

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    Thanks mate i got mine upgraded on 12 months got 2 HTC Desire HD's and 1 Desire Z for 35 quid..
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