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Posted 18th Feb 2022
I've looked on the Argos Ebay store and they have nothing listed for sale anymore.. anyone know if they are gone for good?
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    Sainsburys ruined argos completely
    Just like rakutan destroyed play. Com
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    It looks like it. Since Argos was bought by Sainsburys in 2016 they have been slowly changing their retail strategies, for example closing standalone stores and locating branches inside Sainsburys supermarkets instead, and sending no-purchase obligation reserve and collect on items. I'd imagine that selling stock through the eBay platform was similar in that the decided it was no longer so viable when they have their own Argos online store and also the Clearance Bargain outlet stores in some locations.
    Where are these clearance stores located?
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    Good luck to them. Ebay selling fees are extortionate. The more bigger retailers pull away, the better.
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    now i totally agree with that , 100%, lets see more massive companies pull away, its bad but i want ebay back the way it was, not fully of these powerhouse companies, so ebay can be put in their place for ditching the small sellers
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