What happened to free data for new Vodafone contracts?

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Found 12th Jun 2008
There was a deal on this here:


pointing to:


which says:

"The move means that pay monthly customers will no longer need to buy an additional internet bundle for £7.50 but instead every plan will automatically include internet access. The new plans will give Vodafone customers reliable and fast unlimited* access to their favourite social network sites, email and the whole of the internet when out and about in the UK. Vodafone customers will now have even greater confidence to browse the mobile internet without the worry of additional charges, no matter what monthly plan they choose."

My Vodafone contract is at its end and free data is definitely something I'd be interested in however looking at the Vodafone site the data/internet package is still a 7.50 addon.

Have I missed something or is the Vodafone site out of date?



you have to sign up to a new 12 month minimum contract to get the free internet thing

so it's still on? all i see is free internet for a month then £7.50 after that.

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you have to sign up to a new 12 month minimum contract to get the free … you have to sign up to a new 12 month minimum contract to get the free internet thing

Not according to the Vodafone site - it's a £7.50 addon even for 18 month 40 pound a month tariffs.


I just phoned them about this, the woman I spoke to didn't know anything about the press release and said it was only free on some contracts. I've emailed her the press release URL and asked for a link to ANY tariff on the UK site which offers free unlimited data and in particular the £30 tariff mentioned in the release. We'll see........

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Please keep us updated with what they say, just going to have a look at Vodafone's E-forum.


Nothing back yet but like you I've looked at the e-forum and found this hidden away.....


June 12th
"Hi everyone,

To confirm, on our website the price plans don't currently include the 500MB web pack. If you visit a store or call us up, it's likely we'll recommend the pack, but I think it's been omitted from the online store in case people buy it when they don't actually need it. Some people don't use the internet on their mobiles, and we don't want to force something onto them at additional cost.



eForum Team "

So you have to add £5 p/m to the prices on the site. The "internet and email on their mobile as an integral part of the monthly price plan" aspect seems to have gone out of the window in favour of a bolt-on.
I can only assume this is to prevent scum like me from getting a 100% cashback deal on a standard tariff and bagging unlimited (500mb) of data into the bargain (as well as quidco kickback and a free phone to sell on). There is no justice.

OK I've registered there and got one of Vodafone's people looking into the matter on the thread I posted above.
Note: That's a reply from one of Vodafone's guys at 7PM on a Sunday night! Not too shoddy. I might sign with them anyway and sacrifice £60 of my profit if it means less grief than I usually get off telecoms businesses.

OK, it transpires that there is NO inclusive internet access on any of the current online plans, though you may get a different offer in shops. The press release is in my opinion entirely misleading. The earliest that inclusive plans will be on offer online is July.
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