What happened to kel from the best us programme ever 'kenan and kel'



    didnt one of them die lol

    or was that just rumours


    He overdosed on orange soda

    Paddy Charlie;8234259

    He overdosed on orange soda



    didnt one of them die lolor was that just rumours

    I heard the exact same I didn't make it up

    He does Saturday night live now (including a really annoying sketch called "what up wit dat")


    I remember the big rumour that Kel died in a car crash years back, but turns out it was a LIE.


    lol i remember that..didnt they do a really bad film....

    Good Burger?

    Who loves orange soda.................mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I do!

    I enjoy ham

    Damn this program was annoying.

    Just realised you called it "The best US Programme" wtf are you on? lol.
    If you're talking about Nickelodeon around that time then you're missing out Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Sister Sister, fool!
    Not forgetting Disney's Smart Guy and Boy Meets World!

    ken n kel prob the best Nickelodeon progame ever made.

    Kel is alive and well...

    he does his own spoofs and stuff now -…ell

    Original Poster

    Thanx Guys
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