What Happened to RedIron

    Just checked his profile and he hasn't been on since 18th December 08...... 19:03



    locked up

    again ?

    Not A Clue M8

    got a life?:p

    Is he back in military clink?

    Maybe he came unstuck with an unfortunate incident involving a group of spurs fans?

    Original Poster

    He still hasn't returned..... hmm...

    How odd, I like him x

    Original Poster

    years later...

    RedIron has still not returned lol...

    (Imagine it lol...)

    i miss rediron

    Original Poster


    i miss rediron

    my feedback does to...... (and so do my sales and custom services )

    Anybody got his address still so we can send him a letter......;-) lol
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