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What Happened To Rustler Burgers!

Posted 2nd Jun 2010
Noticed this for a while that hadly anywhere sells Rustler burgers anymore, Tesco and Asda have now got Feasters which imo aren't the best.

only place i can get rustlers are farmfoods and iceland but they only seem to have cheeseburgers or zingy chicken
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seen em in iceland
nasty ..

eat real food mate
imo microwave burgers are bad! buy some decent burgers and grill em yourself, not exactly difficult ;-)
gonna say crap food but in iceland

its the nutrition police
All the above three +3 ....nasty nasty food.

gonna say crap food but in iceland

just opened 1 up the rd (well a couple of months ago).......always busy so had a look and yep its pretty bad its all convenience food
Still sell loads at Morrisons Supermarkets up here in North West. Always on some kind of offer though.
morrisons sell them
ha posted same time lol
They are SICK who would eat that plastic crap

They are SICK who would eat that plastic crap

id imagine the same people that eat frozen pizzas and ready meals:roll:
still sell them in my coop
2 for a £1.00 in Jack Fultons today!
These burgers are higher in calories than Big Macs and Whoopers, get in the car and go eat the real thing.
Love these burgers. couldn't care less how many calories there is or whats inside them, they taste awesome.
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