What happened to 'sky pay once watch forever' ???

A friend was going to pay £200 to get a digital aeriel fitted at her house so she could get freeview, so I suggested she took up the sky pay once watch forever deal at £75. But I'm having trouble finding the deals for it. Can anyone confirm if this is still available or not?
If not can anyone advise of an alternative? She's a single mum so doesn't want to pay monthly fees if possible.



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Excellent, thanks. Every site I looked at just had links to Dixons which appears to have stopped selling them.

Aparently they're no longer doing it / accepting codes

i had looked for it a while ago and thought they had stopped selling it - tesco have an HD version sky pay once but it was £200.
Thanks madinternetuser!

im tempted to get this but i dont have a phone line - does anyone know if you have to have one to get this>?
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