What Happened to that Post?

    I ordered the 12+1 code with the boxeddeal5off code
    it came to £21.84 via paypal

    received a receipt straight away
    used their live chat after 10 mins of no code

    the guy said they had loads of orders in the last hour so it was a slight delay

    anyway he asked me my xbox live id
    and messaged me the code worked fine on my kids uk live account

    i came back just now to post that all went well and the topic's gone


    are they an ebay powerseller? thanks for the link anyway, ill prob get mine from there.
    i dont think ebay sellers are allowed to be on here. looked on the site, cannot find any reference to ebay though. PM admin to find out

    oh, because its a referal site, thats prob why its been taken off

    It's not a UK site, which are not allowed unless pre-approved by admin. It has no contact details on a whois lookup. It's not suitable for HUKD at this time.

    :viking: That's why I could'nt find OP again!!! :x

    Original Poster

    cheers emmajk42

    i wasnt the deal poster
    but ordered one luckily i it wasnt a con site

    i understand why its not suitable for hukd
    i was half expecting to not get my code hehe

    Ordered a week ago, never got my code. Filed a paypal complaint. Their whois information is hidden. Beware!
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