What happened to the rep league?

    It used to be here...…php

    ...but now that directs to to the hot deals page.



    I think the removed it :? Not sure why though


    got removed as the top 10 posters in the league were all in the game threads......1 hadnt even posted anwhere else whatsoever

    dunno, last time i checked it, id finally cracked the top 100 :lol: hope it gets replaced with something tht means something

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    It seems a good idea to change it.

    But it was a good way to show how a deal was received in addition to its heat. I currently have a deal listed that is at about -40 yet I have received three lots of rep from it. So it was a good way of realising "deal snobbery" - where people consider a shop to be somewhere they would not use even if the prices were brilliant (this always used to happen with Poundland deals I posted in the past - but not now as it has become trusted).

    The main problem I see with the current system is you can get people who use the forum entirely as a chat room, post no deals, then can hit a deal with -9 when basically they dont really have a clue as their mum is probably buying them everything, so a plus or minus one would be more suitable.

    There are many I have seen commenting on having high five figure reps - but have never posted a deal at all or in years.

    However, removing the ability to reward good comments in deals would suffer if rep was only given for posting deals themselves, but at the other end of the scale its clearly created a shower of Beavis and Buttheads who post only chat while throwing rep at each other - yet dont seem to have a clue about the price of most things - or are too lazy to post for the benefit of others if they do.

    How about two rep scores. One for deals posted - and another for comments.

    Also it would prevent the above happening, if no member could contribute more than one percent of your rep after you reached a score of (say) 1000.

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    We need to be allowed to neg rep without been suspended, even if it's … We need to be allowed to neg rep without been suspended, even if it's limited to once a day.

    While obviously everyone is entitled to their views, its quite interesting you see a need to offer negative rep - yet when the entire forum is based on people posting deals - do you think its right that posting negative rep is more important than deal posting (when you have not posted a deal in over a year - despite having managed a massive post number)?

    220comments for dcx_badass's deals10615views for dcx_badass's … 220comments for dcx_badass's deals10615views for dcx_badass's deals12386posts by dcx_badass10.85posts per day by dcx_badass

    Sorry for making it look like I am singling you out - but you are suggesting something destructive rather than actually contributing to the main thing that makes the site.

    I bet this is one you would give negative rep to!!!!! :-D :-D :-D

    What's Rep :? :? :?

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    dcx_badass;7536619 posts4330 downloads32594 viewsAll disagree with you. ;-)^^ Still getting downloads today ^^Also I don't post deals, mainly because I rarely buy stuff so am never on websites to find them (I believe most are stumbled across and not just people deal hunting to post) and 2 because of the stupid cold voting.

    23 months ago!

    But to be fair its impressive, and you clearly put a lot of work in to it.

    However, in saying you seldom buy things justifies what I was saying, in that you will be less appreciative of a good price, and so it detracts from the value of your view.

    I suspect very few people search out deals to post, with most I do coming from what I see in shops or receive as emails of offers.
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