What happened to the Rocky discs for sale?

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Found 19th May 2007
There were some Rocky discs for sale in the ads section of the forum, Can't find them now (done a search and can't find them?

They all looked original?


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You can buy the set excluding the new one for about 14 quid from HMV

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This one included the new Rocky balboa to!

Which hasn't been released yet - they were fake

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Which hasn't been released yet - they were fake

But they were from a different country, Has it not be released anywhere else in the world yet?

says it will be released here on monday!

I had these listed here until one of the members pointed out that they might be copies.

The member said that if they have a serial number on the back inner circle this would make them copies. I checked this and there is a small space there where a marker has been used, possibly where the serial number might have been. I was not 100% sure about the authenticity, so I asked one of the moderators to end the thread.

Its hard to see any other way if they copies or original. The Quality is like any other DVD, its crisp and clear. Here is the image of all 6 Discs:

surely the printed pictures on the discs wont be as good quality as a original dvd

just my thought
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