What happened to you today that made you chuckle??

A colleague and i decided that as it was soooo dam hot today that we would stop off for a nice chilled pint at lunchtime.
With no cash to hand i decided to pay for the (admittedly) cheap round using the power of Chip and Pin....
Strangly my card was declined, somewhat embarrased i tried my card again to have it declined once more.
My friend offered to pay for the drinks and i removed my declined card from the Chip and Pin device.... At which point my Chip actually dropped out of my debit card and landed in my pint. Seems like a new way for Natwest to reign in my spending.
Made me giggle.


The JFK claimed he was a baller...

We all laughed at him.

As usual.

i was at my dads with my sis and nephew sunbathing in garden and my dad was just by the paddling pool talking and lost his balance and fell in that made me laugh

grex9101 as usual! :w00t::-D

I got to work without having to encounter a hoard of mums driving Chelsea Tractors. I was still laughing when I left work. (Schools on holiday up here) :lol:

I watched a father taking a photograph of his children, then one of the children leaned over and licked the lens of the very expensive looking camera! Made me smile, being a Mum of 2!


grex9101 as usual! :w00t::-D



as usual...

see made me chuckle again! :-D:-D:-D

Nearly seeing some guy get stabbed with a bayonet............

Just for the record I'm on parade doing arms drill this week...


Nearly seeing some guy get stabbed with a bayonet............Just for the … Nearly seeing some guy get stabbed with a bayonet............Just for the record I'm on parade doing arms drill this week...

OMG!! A lad from my brothers work nearly got stabbed by a forklift toe this week! Hes ok!

my dad told me a joke....

apparently the people in dubai dont like the flinstones but the ones in abu dhabi do

next door neighbours shirtless gardners...o wait no....that made me cringe....as they were OLD!

Me scored 10/10 in the quiz........... (first time ever LOL.)


Nearly blew my hand off in work, in simple terms i was replacing an 80a fuse feeding a mains board which was a bit wet (electricians=crazy) the non electrician next to me nearly fainted, made me smile

tripped when i was carrying my dinner to my room, fell, threw my dinner all over the joint, smaked my head of the plate on the way down n face planted it on the floor :thumbsup:

i wish someone had videod it it was of facebook quality
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