What happens if theres a joint top goalscorer in WC?

Found 3rd Jul 2010
Just wonderinf if anyone can clear this up for me.

I've got a couple of bets on for top goalscorer in the world cup. I was just wondering what happens if no-one is the out and out top goal scorer but is tied? Would they still pay out?

I've got one on Klose and one on Villa at the moment.
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It will be trated as a dead-heat. So if it shared by two players, you will get half your stake on the winner (and half as a loser!). If three tie, you will get a third of your stake at the full odds, and so on.
Cool, c'mon klose and villa in that case!
They give them sticks & put them in a locked room - first one out wins the comp.:-D
i had klose at 28-1 at the start of the tournament and villa is bugging me as he may win and make me lose my money
They play paper scissors stone
]Whatever the outcome it could always be worse.

If you think Germany will beat Spain, Germany to win the cup and Klose to be top scorer at 6/1 seems a fair bet or just Klose at 4/1, considering he is only one goal behind seems good.

Howard Webb is the favourite to be the final ref.
Gomes at 50s on bet 365 at the start of tourney sweet!
Err op has asked about the World Cup, which is two years away
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