What happens if you send PayPal payment to an unregistered address?

Found 28th Jan 2014
Last night I sent payment to someone via PayPal. 2 hours later he told me he hasn't received the payment and the PayPal address he gave me is wrong, there is no PayPal account associated to it. So I cancelled the payment and now the transaction details show it is on temporary hold but under the status is a message which says The payment was cancelled and the money is in your PayPal balance.

However there is nothing on my PayPal balance. I didn't have money in PayPal in the first place. Every time I pay someone, it takes money from my bank account. Would it have gone back to my bank account or is it supposed to be on my PayPal balance.
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It will probably take a few days to clear, then appear in your paypal balance.
I've done that myself before. You can just open a case after a few days and claim it back or just call paypal and they will refund you. It's not a problem I wouldn't worry.
It takes several days to process because it has to come out of your bank account it will come out of your bank and go into your paypal account. You can then withdraw it again.
Yes, you are talking 5 banking days as they have to receive the cleared funds and then put it back. I hit the roof with them but they don't care so you will just have to wait.
This happened to me before too, when I bought a wardrobe from someone on Ebay. He gave me the wrong email address. I then paid again into the correct one. Paypal took my money twice and it took a week for the first payment to go back into my bank account, by which time I had gone into overdraft and ended up with over £40 of bank charges. By the time I paid for the wardrobe to be delivered on top of this, I could have bought the same one brand new!

Don't be tempted to pay it again to the correct paypal address until you have received the refund from the first one. It's their fault for giving you the wrong email.
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