What happens to a multiroom sky box when you cancel the subscription?

Found 5th Jan 2010
Can you still get some channels on it etc. I have just cancelled the multiroom subscription and the HD as well as I don't think its worth the money.
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I suppose if your not paying for anythiong then you will just get the free channels
depends if the second box was a basic sky box or a plus version. i think if you canx the multi room you loose the sky plus functions, if it is a normal box you will still be able to use the box but it depends what they do to the second card, if they block it the card becomes useless and youll get almost no channels. or if the leave the card you may be able to get the basic channels (ones you get on freeveiw).

you could always use the cables you have inplace in the second room to connect a freesat box they seem to be getting cheaper & cheaper now. and if you sold your second sky box it would put a bit towards the new freesat box.
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Thanks for that I was n't sure of what channels you get for free. I don't think the phone line is connected to the extra box as it has not upgraded to the new sky planner . it is the original one.
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