what happens to Blockbuster stock?

Found 21st Jan 2013
This has been bugging me; when HMV go bust, the administrators sell off the goods (probably to amazon!) as an asset. What happens when Blockbuster goes down? Presumably, there are still games and videos still being rented by people? Does a Blockbuster administrator come round your house? And if it's in store, what sort of resell value does it have? Confused.
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I thought you buy bankrupt stock and start an EBAY Shop, make a bundle and stop the country slipping further into recession!!

But thats just me!!
So what happens to people with rentals at home? I'm guessing they with ask all to be returned and bill anyone who doesn't?
Don't know about their warehouse stock, but the store up the road from me are having a closing down sale.
Because the stock items are low ticket value, it wouldn't shock me if you see it all in the stores on a big sale, which is boosted by the media hype. All the stores which are closing will be emptied and then the stock shifted on to the open ones. Or they will compile it and sell it to whichever company wants to buy it in bulk, then they could open an online store and sell it.

Different to Comet where the stock will be warehoused until they find out what to do with it.
There's a 50% off sale in the Blockbuster near me but they are still renting out DVDs and games
Where do you think the likes of Poundland and the other 'bargain' shops get their stock?
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