What has been more dissapointing - Cyber Mon or Black Fri?

Found 27th Nov 2017
Black Fri seems to have been widely acknowledged on here to have been the worst ever for deals. Cyber Mon does not seem to have been any better. Traditionaly good for electronics and video gaming I have seen very little.

And to emphasise the point, I never thought I would say this as no fan of Argos, but they have been a shining light today!!

What are other peoples thoughts on it all?
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Both crap ,they can scrap both for me it’s all hype ...I watched something the other day and these researchers found prices were cheaper 3 weeks after Black Friday
Personally I have got quite a few real bargains. But you really need to be the savvy shopper these days, not just during these sales days but any days. Electronics manufacturers now making products specifically to sell on Black Friday (also other sales), price promises that will never pay out (Models specific to retailer). It's just what I always buy by, "I am happy to pay x price for that product" regardless of what stupid RRP or saving might be tagged to the deal.
Did bag what I'd say my best deal yet, though might also say it was a price gltich, just in the right place at the right time.

My "Glitch"
To me it just seems that Black Friday and Cyber Monday were just 2 days within a week of ‘ok’ sales. Definitely not the bargains that Black Friday used to give when hardly any Brits realised anything was going on... it felt very ‘planned’ this year with offers widely advertised to increase sales volume rather than hype around a couple of items being sold at mega-bargain prices as it has been in the past. Was it not Black Friday when Amazon only gave clues to what might be on a lightening deal and then it was a frantic click-fest to get it before all 2 of them sold out!!!? It was more fun back then and if you got something it really was a bargain - this year like I said before...
it just felt like a week of ok sales but I guess a lot more people got the benefit of it which is good.
Thanksgiving was a bit naff this year.
Speaking as a Nintendo gamer (which is clearly different to being a XB or PS gamer) I found it to be disappointing video games and accessories wise. Some might say well the 3DS is reaching it's end and the Switch is super new and in demand, but even then there was just little there.
.Yoshi.27th Nov 2017

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So, are you highlighting good deals here, or sharing your own purchases?
.Yoshi.27th Nov 2017

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Just thought that I'd check
It was pure and simple. Orchestrated deals with next to no originality.
Yes I’ve spent a small fortune, well quite a lot. However it was all on things I was wanting/needing. The prices I paid were about as good as I was going to get. Though not spectacular.

The only unique but now is what will I find and in what condition in the Amazon Warehouse.
Amazon was the biggest disappointment. I remember the excitement of the first Black Friday on Amazon waiting until the deal started revealing the discount. They were all Lightning Deals. Now there were so many deals and it was a load of tat. The deals of the day were rubbish as well.

John Lewis' sales have gone from bad to worse.

For me the best was Nike's 30% as this represented a genuine discount. Unfortunately I was a bit late to the party and missed out on some running shoes I really wanted.
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Currys were the worst. No stock of xbox ones since about 8am Friday, yet today they seem to have miraculously got them again albeit with huge price rises
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