What has happened to Quidco,!!!!!!!!

Found 20th Jan 2008
Has anyone got any info on why Quidco website is down.??????????????
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Up for me.
Was down earlier, now back up.
Clear your cache/cookies.
fine for me although it did have lots of problems yesterday. A lot of my purchases havent been tracking for a week either. Mind you, they did pay me £150 a fortnight ago.
i cant get any of the links to open!!!
Yeah, as aquatic says, can login and stuff, but the clicks out of quidco don't work
very true. Maybe they were copying HDUK and improving the customer experience
I have logged a bug report.

Time to switch to Topcashback.co.uk ?.
From the QC blog:


Server upgrade and downtime
January 20th, 2008

As heavy users will have noticed we have had a few spots of downtime in the past week. We made it through to the weekend and had a scheduled update last night where we replaced one server with new hardware and added another server to increase performance. The site is now running snappy however we are still working out a few bugs with the new “architecture” (that’s what they call it!). Right now the go to merchant link is not working correctly but you should have access to everything else including your Earnings/Enquiries and so forth.

We apologise for this inconvenience but please be assured we are getting it sorted out!

UPDATE: We are estimating this should be fixed by early afternoon. We will update here if this changes.
with ebay thru quidco wen does it log, is it wen u actually pay 4 items its jus i cnt get quidco link 2 work but i still want to bid on bits shall i hold off paying for them until the link works???
Now we know what the problem is!. They should have put a note on the front page.
Hi all,

Apologies for the problems today. The site's back up & running, although there is still some work being done overnight.
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