what height do you wall mount a tv?

Found 14th Jan 2010
the plasterers are boarding our newbuild house and I intend to screw a sheet of ply to the blockwork before they dry line that wall , cheers

Also does anyone know how to tie shoe laces?
- dcx_badass lives in a poxy terrace in Benwell
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I'd recommend cutting a piece of paper roughly the size of the screen and tape it to the wall, then you can put yourself at roughly sofa-sitting height and work out if it's too high or not.

I messed about with the height of my TV mount for a while and decided that having the middle of the screen just above my eyeline was right, but it depends on the room and where you'll be sitting.

A friend has his TV above the fireplace but I find that makes me tilt my head up too high after a while.

By mocking it up you'll get an idea what's comfy.

While you're at it can you get them to put in a conduit for the cables? Then you can fit HDMI faceplates which will make the whole thing look much neater.
Aim for having the middle of the screen at eye level when you are sat down...
Also make sure you screw that sheet of ply in good and tight and that it's thick enough

The vertical load from a 40 odd inch plasma is massive. When I fitted mine I had nightmares about it falling off and hitting my daughter.
The rule of thumb is to mount a display where your eyes are comfortable looking at the center of the screen.

Just sit where you would normally sit, have someone hold up a small picture on the wall and move it around until you feel right. Then mark that location being the center of the screen.

It normally works out to 40-45 inches off the floor

1.5984621m is the recognised industry standard.

I'll use an 8 x 4 sheet then to be really accurate ! Oh and I only asked the question to brag about the newbuild house to get your back up mate (thanks to the others)
Why tie shoelaces when you can pay someone else to tie them for you

Why tie shoelaces when you can pay someone else to tie them for you

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