Posted 18th Aug 2022
I've got Friday off to do some shopping and I had a sudden urge to go to a physical shop and buy some music!

But apart from HMV, are there any shops that sell physical media anymore?

For context, I'm in Surrey (I have a great one in Kingston but it's 90 minutes by bus) - I don't think Sutton has anything. Haven't been to Croydon in years.

Any local advice, let me know!

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    Such a sad thread.
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    For the record, I still buy physical media (blu rays and CDs) and I don't stream music unless it's to sample an artist. Once I have tried and liked someone I like to buy their products, not give them 0.000001p everytime I listen to them
    That's me all over. Nothing beats having a good old look through some of my old stuff and giving it a play in the car.
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    Supermarkets, wh Smiths, possibly a local music shop, for 2nd hand Cex, pound shop. Other than that it's online only now I think, various sites like ebay and the monster that is amazon.
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    Charity shops?
    Good shout but I was after something new and modern :-)
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    If you have an interest in collecting physical music, have you considered collecting vinyl? It's a much more popular hobby, certain records hold value well, and it's a lot of fun to attend record fairs and visit independent shops. Huge community supporting local business. They are more expensive, but last time I checked CDs were fairly pricey too.
    I am a former fan of vinyl, sold most of them and a very expensive record player about ten years ago - regret it now but I can't go back to vinyl, too expensive a hobby.
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    Thanks for all the replies. The High Street is officially dead. Not one shop sold new CDs. Poundland should be fined under the trades description act as less than 50% of their stock is £1 now. Asda do indeed have some of their CD stock. WH Smith's are now just a post office that also sells a few books. Oh well, if it wasn't for the bus strike I would have gone into Kingston - que sera.
    “Video killed the radio star”, just as online shopping killed the high street surprised my local HMV is still open tbh but my son likes to look through and buys most of his CD’s in store.
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    I used to have a massive Vinyl collection but sold them all and replaced with CD's which I regret now especially as some that I sold for under £1 are going for a lot of cash these days, and I cant replace as I have over 1000 Cd's now and it would be too expensive, I don't tend to use HMV as often these days unfortunately, as when buying new material Amazon are always cheaper than the remaining high street stores, plus you can pre-order, receive on release day and don't have to travel.

    Were not too bad in Manchester as along with HMV we also have a Fopp store which although owned by HMV seems a lot more music orientated than HMV seems to be these days, we also have a few record stores in the Northern Quarter but they seem to concentrate mainly on vinyl.

    It seems that Tesco and Sainsburys etc started selling music a lot cheaper than the music stores and once they all but disappeared from the high street they decide to stop selling music altogether, I remember spending full afternoons browsing the likes of HMV, Virgin, Our Price, John Menzies, WHS, Boots plus independents.

    There are a few stores online apart from Amazon that I use like Chalkys, Yachew, Townsend, Base, Music Magpie, wowhd and cdjapan but I do find Amazon the most reliable.
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    WH Smith's still sell CD's? I haven't seen any media in my one for years! Half the store is a post office now...
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    I’d you don’t mind second hand, CEX, Poundland and Asda. WHS do still sell CD’s, though it tends to be a small selection. HMV is or a local independent is your best bet for having a browse
    I haven't seen any CDs in CEX for ages.
    Poundland has always had a good selection of stuff I've lost or damaged.
    Wasn't aware ASDA did CDs still, will have a look tomorrow!
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    I think only the larger CEX stores sell CD’s now. Asda sell secondhand CD’s, it’s a random selection and they’re sealed the same as Poundland.
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    Morrisons do, but I know Tesco have stopped☹️
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    Is there still an HMV in Kingston?
    I just checked and the nearest one is Bromley, so the Croydon one has gone now 👀

    And the Kingston one too apparently (edited)
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    Same, I would wander into town just to walk around Our Price and HMV and, for all you lovers of old skool hip hop in London, Chick a Boom records! Buying from Amazon is just not the same - we have a Beggers Banquet in Kingston and I try to give them my money if possible.
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