What I view on eBay partner see on her phone via Instagram??

Found 17th Jun 2018
When I view for items on eBay on my phone sometimes those items are then shown on my partner's Instagram page on her phone.

Anyone know how this happens?
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tracking cookies
That’s crazy
You are probably using the same ip ( wifi )
So when you are watching 'midgets in uniform' porn......
Maybe you logged in ebay once on her phone and the link is still active in the cookies somehow. That's my best guess. Change ebay password may fix as that's what I world try
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Can you imagine seeing gimp masks on other half’s phone appear
She's a spy
Probably cookies tracking your ebay account.
You share hardware and/or logins. All those 'I accept' Ts&Cs gave them the right to associate accounts, store usage data, advertise, custom target and more.
Happens to me in the past but not sure if it still does, I was viewing things on Amazon and when she went on her phone they were suggestions or coming up as advertisments, Only noticed this one day when she was browsing on her phone through various sites.
I’ve experienced exactly the same, logged into ebay and put a few things onto my watched list, hubby then goes into eBay (on his phone) as a guest and it comes up already logged into my eBay so he can see my all of my summary. No idea why, and very frustrating!
We aren’t always using the same WiFi and sometimes he’s in Spain!
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