What injections do you need if your travelling to India??

Found 22nd Apr 2009

My boyfriend is travelling to India in 1 a weeks time at short notice to visit his sick Grandmother in Amritsar, Punjab.

Does he need to have any injections and take Maleria Tablets? I've never been India before so I'm not sure , Google is giving me different anwers.

All advice welcome. Rep given for correct advise
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yes he may need some jabs and malaria tabs, we had to have some for sri lanka. Tell him to call his gp and speak to the nurse she'll know what he needs and when.
Sorry to hear his grandmas sick


Thanks ;-) Rep added

tell him to see the nurse tomorrowyellow feverhepititus … tell him to see the nurse tomorrowyellow feverhepititus a/btyphoidrabiestetanus / diptheriamaleria tablets yes - get the ones you take a few days before then every day then a few days after {the expensive ones!}

Inaccurate advice. Would also suggest make appt to see nurse, not many surgeries where you can just turn up and expect to get advice, unless travel centre or walk in centre.

[*]Confirm primary courses and boosters are up to date as ]recommended for life in Britain - including vaccines given to special groups because of risk exposure or complications (e.g. hepatitis B for health care workers, influenza and pneumococcal vaccines for the elderly).
[*]Courses or boosters usually advised: diphtheria; tetanus; poliomyelitis;hepatitis A; typhoid.
[*]Vaccines sometimes advised: hepatitis B; rabies; tuberculosis; Japanese B encephalitis; cholera.
[*]Yellow fever certificate required if over 6 months old and entering from, or being in transit through, an area with risk of yellow fever transmission within the previous 6 days.[/LIST]Notes on the diseases mentioned above
Ask him to drink bottled water always
I guess bottled water is the only thing he should be worried about.
And ask him to stay away from street food.
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