What instrument can I use to measure my pulse rate whilst exercising?

    Hi all.

    I bought a used treadmill and found out when I go it home that unfortunately the pulse meter doesn't work.

    What can I get to measure my pulse rate?

    I saw a couple of watches a while ago but thay were quite pricey, can anyone recommend something good I can use that isn't over expensive?

    Thank yous x




    They are on some pedometers

    Heart Rate monitors fall in to 2 basic categories - those that measure your heart rate continuously & those that measure your heart rate only when you put your finger/s on a pad.

    Personally I use the first type, as when I'm running or rowing I don't really want to stop while I find out what my heart rate is. However, the second type are usually cheaper.

    Try this page for ideas (but look around to see if you can buy cheaper elsewhere):…tml

    use a watch (or the clock on teletext if you believe accuracy is a big deal in these matters) and count.


    defo get a polar heart rate monitor
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