Which iPad both £400 ? iPad pro cellular (2017) 512gb or air 2019 (64gb) both new sealed and available on gumtree.

      Posted 15th Nov
      anyone with experience with these 2 models .
      both new and sealed .
      the pro has more savings even though it's an older model .
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      I’d ask to see serial numbers and check on Apples site to verify these are legit.
      To a degree it depends on what you are looking for. Do you need a cellular iPad so that you can use it out and about when there is no wi-fi signal (and are happy to pay to mobile data)? And do you specifically want a massive amount of inbuilt storage? Personally I'd take the Pro, even if didn't ever use it with a sim or full up half the capacity of the storage I'd prefer the bigger and possibly better screen.

      Edit - Just to clarify, what size screen does that Pro have?
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      Pay more get a 2018 iPad Pro
      Pro is 10.5 so is the air 10.5 .
      Air probably has better screen and processor now ?
      RawMukky15/11/2019 09:34

      Pay more get a 2018 iPad Pro

      Only want to spend £350-£400

      personally would choose 2017 version.
      4GB RAM/ 512GB storage
      Slower A10X

      3GB RAM/ 64GB
      faster A12
      yozzman123415/11/2019 09:41

      Pro is 10.5 so is the air 10.5 .Air probably has better screen and …Pro is 10.5 so is the air 10.5 .Air probably has better screen and processor now ?

      If it was the 12.9” Pro then I said to definitely go for that one. As it is the 2017 Pro still probably has a better looking screen than the 2019 Air. One thing to consider is that the 2017 Pro uses an A10X processor and the Air 2019 uses a 12. I don’t know if you’d necessarily see much difference in terms of what you’d be using it for but it could *possibly* be that in the long term the A12 gets supported for a little bit longer than the A10X. But overall I’d still go for the Pro.
      That pro still retails in the uk for £699 as it's the 512gb and cellular.
      So it's a good £300 saving .
      The only good thing is apple always seems to support for at least 5 years .
      As my phones 7 plus which is nearly 3 years old has the latest iOS.
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