What Iphone/Ipod touch speaker docking systems are ya using ?

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Found 28th May 2009
I fancy buying one but not sure which to get ? they seem to range from like £20 upwards of £100+

has anyone bought one ? which would they reccommend ?


I have Bose Sound Dock
Great bit a kit and looks great too....

Klipsch iGroove. Cheaper than Bose with an equivalent sound quality. In fact it's very much better than the cheapest Bose Sound Dock. Not better than the higher priced ones but comparable.

JBL on time....alarm clock and fantastic sound quality that will fill a room from a smallish unit. £150 price range though

I got that JBL one from Tesco for £35 reduced from £70 because it's portable too. Really good sound quality for a small bit of kit and it charges even the newest models of ipods which is good, my other dock didn't so I had to replace it

I was lucky enough to get the B&W Zeppelin dock for xmas, I love it sound quality is great and it actually looks great unlike lots of kit. TAd out of your budget though, but oh so worth it.

For the office I have the cheapie Logic 3 Dock, which is great as I dont have the need to crank the volume up at work.

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how do the £20-50 speakers fair ? - what would people suggest in this price range ?

I dont really want to spend more than that as ill only be using it for background really. I have an imac and studio monitors to use for the serious listening.

thanks for the advice
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