What is 365Games like?

Posted 9th Apr 2008
I want to pre-order GTA 4 (PS3) and gamestracker is saying 365Games has the cheapest at £33.99. So i was just wondering if anyone can tell me how reliable 365games are as i have never dealt with them before. I want to get the game from shopto but they have temporarily stopped taking pre-orders due to high demand.
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Well, most people have not heard of it. Not here, not elsewhere. With the lack of ratings on gamestracker, I am not going to include their view.

Been digging about for the past 20 minutes: Sum up: It doesn't look good....

MoneysavingsExpert from Jan 2008: Item not recieved from december (forums.moneysavingexpert.com/sho…039)

AV forums from may last year: PO BOX trading, and no T&C (PO box exists, but T&C has appeared. ) Key detail is the consumerdirect.gov.uk/ recommending NOT TRADING WITH PS BOXES. (reported on forum, unable to find it personally on there...)

(To me I would stop there, and not trade with a 100t barge pole)

But on contrast, there are some positive reviews:

avforums.com/for…824 or avforums.com/for…781 shows that there are a number of people who have successfully traded without complaint (although one or two complaints)

Conclusion: Too many bad reviews. I would not trust them with an important, popular order. I would not buy a pint down the pub, and put the money towards someone better.

Hope it helps

Fantastic help, well researched thanks. I will avoid then, Rep added.
ive had no problems with it, and quick postage
ordered cod4 on sunday night from them paid £24.99 with free delivery. it arrived today and im already pwning noobs online. great service!
its like anything else, its mostly peeps with bad experiances that make coments. bet if i look about i will find peeps amazon or ebay have pi£$"d off.
anyway i got gta4 pre ordered with em for £29.99 on ps3 looking forward to playing it on the cheap :whistling:
Your probably right - usually people don't go around shining a new topic stating '365 games were great!' - and its usually the problem ones that crop up.

My concern, and personal reason why I don't trust them is that most of the problem threads didn't have prople jumping up and down saying 'they were great for me!' which is what you find for other companies.

Granted, every company has their bad day. But this post went without a reply for however long it took for me to do my research - and with the number of people on HUKD at one time, I would pay the extra £3 and go for someone more trustworthy.

I have no personal experience with them, but I do like doing my research, and I hope you gathered from my previous post I don't look at all the bad quotes. I attempt to find ones with solutions, or with a positive review.

Just some personal mumblings from me at 2.30am. If you did everything from other poeples experiences, a new company would have no chance :P

I have just spent the last hour and half trying to order rock band from this website and each time i go to pay I keep getting this message, has happened 4 times and I know my details are correct!
Unable to process payment. Please contact the merchant as the postal address provided by the merchant is invalid, and the merchant has requested that your order must be delivered to that address.
infuriating to say the least!!!!!!
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