What is a good mask to get?

Posted 29th Mar
Hi guys been looking on eBay and it has soo many different masks.. But which one is actually the recommended one? Can anyone point me to it please?
Which ones do hospitals use?

Thanks in advance
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Something with FFP3 certification. Think NHS use 3M, but good luck getting any at the mo. eBay probably full of counterfeits
There’s a few FFP3 on Amazon... But as to their authenticity, who knows.
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You need at least an N95 respirator, a full face gas mask would be better. Masks used in surgery are to protect the patient from infection. All a bit overkill for a virus that is extremely unlikely to kill you, a bit like living in a bungalow in case you fall down the stairs.
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I would go for the Jim Carrey movie version over the cartoon.
Don't forget you can get COVID-19 via your eyes as well so they need to be protected if COVID is your worry
FFP3 are the most protective and the recommended.
Either way, you will find it near impossible to buy any FFP1 -3.
Prices are crazy at the moment
Health professionals say don’t bother with masks
Ideally, P3 or FFP3.

N95 are used elsewhere, and our FFP2 is only a tiny bit lower spec than N95.

You also need eye protection with indirect ventilation, and no beard or stubble.

Or ideally a hazmat suit.

Trouble is you need genuine masks, not the counterfeit and phoney masks ebay and amazon are flooded with, that would provide no protection at-all. Unfortunately that is the only source that is likely to have any before the end of the pandemic.

Cheap surgical masks do provide some protection to others from infection by you, but very little protection to yourself.
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I am torn between the Lone Ranger and Zorro
One for you

One for the wife
a bit too late to the table. i was asking this a couple of weeks ago and it was already too late then! don't bother now.

i saw a news clip this afternoon about the increase in cyber crime across europe during the pandemic and it says don't buy anything over the net from retailers claiming to sell covid 19 stuff as more than likely they are fakes and are just from devious people trying to cash in on the panic. it showed police confiscating a load of masks that someone was trying to sell as covid 19 masks when they were just fakes.
full face battery operated respirators with hepa filters but you'll be paying through the teeth for them.
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We have tons boxes in work of p3 masks as we work with Chemicals and powders .

Comes in handy for bring some home
jez79429/03/2020 16:56


"coating works for 3 washes..."
Scotland131429/03/2020 15:26

Health professionals say don’t bother with masks

Scotland131429/03/2020 17:31

Yip even the WHO tell you there not any good. look it up

ELVIS_THE_PELVIS29/03/2020 17:21


Why don't masks work? They said, "Because they are designed to keep droplets inrather than out. "
Critical assumption made by these experts, there are no asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic infected people or too few of these to be of any significance (for their advice).

When an infected person does not know if he has symptoms, he meets people (as in the House of Commons and elsewhere) as asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic ones (all incubating the coronavirus and shedding) , then wearing of a mask does indeed work to reduce the amount of droplets coming out.


a) Infected person without mask" (asymptomatic) near to uninfected person { risk of droplets arriving }
b) Infected person "with mask" (asymptomatic) near to uninfected person {chance of droplets caught }
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redadmiral29/03/2020 18:28

"coating works for 3 washes..."

No it says is safe to handle and even dispose of after three washes....
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