What is a good price for aerial installation?

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Found 2nd Jan 2009
I have an old aerial on the roof that is possibly damaged and needs replacing with a new wideband aerial suitable for Freeview.
I need an additional 2 points installed - not sure if the current point needs replacing/updating or is useable, but in total will need 3 points in the house.

I've tried to get quotes and am seeing prices from £200+ VAT upwards (Someone quoted £500).

Anyone have any idea of what the true cost should be for an aerial, 2 new points, and 1 existing point to be reused or updated, including labour?

Many thanks in advance.

EDIT: mid terrace house in North London.


I paid £140 for a brand new installation which included pole and aerial.


flippin eck, had an earila put on my roof about 6 years ago and paid £60 and that was all in

in Blackpool plenty of firms are offering a new digi ariel fitted labour & costs for about 60 quid

maybe the north south divide is larger than i thought lol

I paid £99 for digi aerial and pole up on my chimney with a couple of straps etc.

The price will depend on how you want your extra two points installed Id imagine...do you want them plumbed in as wall points, or do you not mind if the cable runs down the wall in a piece of guttering? If you have a newer house with plasterboard walls, you should be able to cut the required holes and use rods to pull the cabling from the rooms above. Perhaps your quote was higher because your in a house with brick walls separating the rooms? (Just re-read that you have a mid terrace)

I did my own digital aerial inside the roof...it came with a bracket to attatch to a roof beam. Picks up all the freeview channels. Picked up the aerial from B&Q for about £12 I think a while back now though

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Thanks for that.
Yes it's a real brick house!

I wonder if I would lose much signal strength if I did put one up myself in the loft?
Problem is of course that I hate DIY, and taking cables from up there down to 2 or 3 rooms would be a real nightmare for me.
Mind you, if I got a quote for simply running the cable from a self-installed loft aerial to 2 or 3 wall points, I bet it would cost far less than my current quotes.

Any opinions please?

We have been qouted £45 to run a new cable from our roof aerial down to the living room, and we live in a large house with really thick walls etc. So I cant see that a couple of cables thru a mid terrace should be that expensive, seems like you are paying the most for the aerial itself.

i got a new digi aerial on roof few month ago cheapest i found was £49.50

£200 is reasonable. As Pan said, the additional points are the problem depending if you want the wires outside (cheaper) or in the wall cavity which is more time consuming but tidier. The ariel itself is pretty low-tech and inexpensive. If you're not DIY confident, it's worth paying to get it done right (and quickly) first time.

Make sure you test all 3 points on different channels (test BBC channels AND also ITV, C4 etc) before they leave, pref with a decent digi box as it can show signal strength and quality instantly.

Most of these guys are self-employed and will do a deal for cash . . .

Good luck :thumbsup:

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Cheapest I've found so far is a guy who will do it for £195 all inc (Like as if any of these solo tradesmen are VAT registered haha)
Aerial, 3 wall points (He will replace the cable to the one room that currently has a connection), cabling and so forth.

I looked at another site and people there are claiming installation prices of around £65 to £100 for a single room with £25 to £40 per additional room.

Perhaps there is some kind of monopoly and/or price fixing going on around here? I can't see why all the quotes I've had are at least double what everyone else seems to have paid.

There is no such thing as a " digi " or " digital " aerial.

The quotes will vary dependant on the size / type of aerial required, not all aerials are the same, usually larger ones are more expensive.

Distance from your nearest transmitter will usually dictate on the type of aerial required.

Put your post code in to this link;


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There is no such thing as a " digi " or " digital " aerial.The quotes … There is no such thing as a " digi " or " digital " aerial.The quotes will vary dependant on the size / type of aerial required, not all aerials are the same, usually larger ones are more expensive.Distance from your nearest transmitter will usually dictate on the type of aerial required.Put your post code in to this link;http://www.wolfbane.com/cgi-bin/tvd.exe?

Not quite sure of the releveance of this...?


Not quite sure of the releveance of this...?

Well if you ring up an Aerial Contractor and ask for a price for a " digi " or " digital " aerial, he/she will know straight away that you don't know what you are talking about, and probably charge accordingly.

The second paragraph means exactly what it says, and should be factored in to any quote, as does the third paragraph.

The link that I kindly provided will tell you exactly which type of aerial is required for your location, and will help you price one accordingly.

Still you obviously know better, so why bother asking.:whistling:

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I know what kind of aerial I need.
I made no mention of a 'digital' aerial here or to any of the installers.
I'm just interested in hearing what prices people have been paying, as my quotes sound a tad pricey.
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