What is a good underlay for a carpet?

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I know the old adage that a good underlay makes the carpet but not knowing one from the next we have on several occasions been sold expensive, but rubbish, underlay by carpet retailers. We are about to replace the carpet in 3 bedrooms - can anyone please suggest a really good thick underlay that will gve the new carpet a good feel to it? Thanks very much.
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I used cloud 9 last time (been a while now) and it was amazing
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For future reference, you would getter help to your questions posting in the Ask section rather than misc:

Try this website (Cheapest on the web here)- generally the thicker the better, buts that's not always the case.

Brand name underlays are generally better (such as Tredaire or Cloud 9)
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Cloud 9 cumulus is recommended highly but you can also use zest.

There is cheaper alternitives than cumulus just depends on the thinkness

Cosi is a excellent underlay, thats alot cheaper than cumulus and comes from ball and young who provide the cloud 9.

Many carpet wholesalers have “b grade” underlay just same quality as a grade
Cloud 9
We used tredaire.....it was red underneath and top side was white with red and yellow writing....it was the best in their range.

Got it nearly 11 years ago throughout house anf couple of years ago we lifted carpets in some rooms to upgrade central heating and when carpet fitter came to push carpet back down into skirtings he said we must have good underlay as it still feels bouncy years down the line.

We bought it online as it was hundreds of pounds cheaper than likes of carpet right.
I think it was tredaire colours....will check when i home.
I'm another voter for Cloud 9 - see this thread for more info ...... hotukdeals.com/dis…424

Had mine fitted for a few years now and it still has a bounce to it. When I got it I was so pleased with it I bought more and fitted it underneath existing carpets!

Aim to pay no more than £3/m2 delivered - each pack is arround 15m2.

Although you can get it in 11mm thickness an old boy carpet fitter told me to stick to the 9mm stuff - any thicker and it makes the carpet sit proud of the gripper rods meaning the room edges can become loose.
I think ours was 11mm thick but we never had any problems with the edges/gripper rods.
Biggest tip is buy it online from an underlay retailer. Do not buy it from the carpet shop. Think I got something like Cloud 9 for £3 sqm or similar.
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Thank you for all these helpful comments. There is no way I can fit the carpet myself and so we have to use a carpet shop and don't think they will fit underlay I have purchased elsewhere? Anyway I am still waiting for the quote for carpet and fitting and will raise this when I get it.

I have checked out the price of the suggested underlay and yes it is very reasonable but seem to be lots - for example one ebay advert had:
Cloud 9 nimbus 7mm
Cloud 9 cosi 9mm
Cloud 9 cirrus 9mm
Cloud 9 caviar and crystal 9mm
Cloud 9 super contract 10 mm
Cloud 9 Cumulus 11mm
Cloud 9 caviar & crystal 11mm

Any idea the difference between the different names on these Cloud 9 products? Does the difference in depth between 9 and 11 mm makes a huge difference? Thank you.
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