What is a Non Dependant Deduction from Housing Benefit?

    Just got a letter from our housing association and its news to us.

    Apparantly, as of 1 April 2011, anyone living in our household that is not a joint tenant, will mean there will be a deduction from our Housing Benefit.

    The HB is in my Myself and my partners name, we have 3 kids aged under 18, But the tenancy is my partners only.

    So does a partner count as a non dependant? very confusing letter, lol.

    Anyone heard of this new rule anyway?


    If you are not included on the tennancy agreement you may be affected by this. I dont know if what I am suggesting is true, but its definitely worth getting clarification.

    sounds like it means working kids and lodgers?

    I think they are trying to base HB payments per person rather than per property. It is to ensure that tenants are not under occupying their home. Ask to become a joint tenant.

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    What is a non-dependant?

    A non-dependant is someone, other than your partner, aged 18 or over, that lives with you, for example a son, daughter or elderly relatives

    The following are not non-dependants:

    •Boarders and lodgers

    •Tenants, joint tenants or sub-tenants

    •Professional carers

    •Visitors who normally live elsewhere

    What is a non-dependant deduction?

    If you have a non-dependant living with you, we usually have to reduce the amount of Housing Benefit you receive to take into account the non-dependant’s contribution to the household expenses. There is normally a deduction for each non-dependant in the home.

    However, if two non-dependants are married to each other (or are living together as if they were married) then only one deduction is made.

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    The above seems abit, erm, contradictory.

    Dependent is someone who is under your care... IE Someone in full tim education under 18 or elderly that you look after or someone with a disability of which you care for...

    So if you have for example your 16yr olds working full time then they would be class as a non dependant, thus they might reduce the amount they pay and ask for them to cover it...

    Or if you have lodgers as someone says who works there and doesnt pay rent towards the actual cost of the rent...

    It sounds like the dependents are yours and not his, so as its him on the agreement they are non dependents. if they are joint children there really shouldn't be an issue,

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