What is better Bose SoundTouch 20 or B&W Zeppelin?

    Looking for a good quality wireless speaker system to use with my iPad and iPhone in my lounge/ dining room.


    This boils down to brand awareness and money. Being a technophobe I would strongly advise the B&W. Even though the "man in the street" would advise the bose. I have a full cm series b&w speaker setup run off a Yamaha amp. And even though I tell my father in law every time he asks when I go round that his bose sound dock sounds good it is nothing in comparison to my b&ws. You get what you pat for. Check out m
    what hifi for reviews but I am b&w all the way.

    I'd listen to them both as everyone hears differently and the best speakers on the planet might not be the ones you prefer.
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