What is better for Wii, Sonic & secret Rings or Monkey Ball Bananablitz?

    I have two kids 6 and 10. Which game would be best for them to share. They are both priced at £15 (great alternative to easter eggs) they love Sonic olympics.


    Monkey Ball would be quite difficult for a 6 year old, however, it also has 50 mini / party games on there (about 10 good ones), which would be ideal for both kids.

    Sonic, is OK, but has no variety - all the levels are pretty much the same.

    Rayman is pretty good for that age range too, if you can get that cheap... Wii play would be OK too...

    Sonic is really hard, we played on it twice ant then sold it! Monkey ball is lots of fun, so definately the latter!

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    Thanks for the speedy response guys. We have Wii play and the youngest does love it!
    I will go for Monkey ball, it also needs to be quite easy for me to use too!

    definitely monkey ball
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