what is

    can anyone tell me what is this pls? what is


    Something to do with MSN Messenger (called Live Messenger these days I think?) most likely. Where did you see it?


    I can see the same thing on the temp files (internet options, browse history)
    the exact address I find is…com

    me and my husband have a hotmail address email and when I saw this on the temp files of our lab top I have supposed that he is chatting on messenger. can you light me up, this is very important. I have seen he stayed like only 1 minute to it and he connected first to hotmail so I am wondering I am not sure at all now.
    thank you for your precise infos

    if you log onto your hotmail account it logs you into there web based messenger i think?? it does with my accounts

    I get a messsage from gateway asking for a user name and password which comes up (annoyingly) when I'm doing something else. Can't stop it - any advice. If I get rid of gateway will it stop my hotmail?
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