What is Canada like to move to?

Found 8th Jul 2018
Any Uk'ers who have lived in Toronto as ex pats who can compare life style to London?

They have something similar to NHS right, are academic and University standards similar?

I hear house prices are on par with UK- London.

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Sounds Aboot right
I went to Toronto and The Falls last year as well as the US. Toronto is very very busy -much a Similar “Trendy” Lifestyle I guess but on a much bigger bigger scale and the horrendous traffic makes Londons look like a small cue! But your only a short walk away down to the sea front down past the Ice Hockey Stadium where all the boats are and restaurants so it’s chilled a bit more there.
Yep pretty much and its got the same Queen too, it's

My Political views don't fit well with UK or Canada so I'll probably fit into a place like America more

If you're going to move make sure you like their politics, its liberal
Justin Trudeau is a joke to "Peoplekind"
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I regularly deal with a company based there and one of their reps I talk to has lived in the uk previously, it’s very much like uk big city life but with some Americanness thrown in. It can be very cold in winter. Somewhere I would definitely like to visit myself.
Yeah cold on another level I know In Canada some places they don’t measure in inches they only measure in feet! Yet there used to it so there more prepared than when the UK sees it’s annual inch or two. Canada has Tim Hortons so I’d move there on that basis
My wife's from Alberta. Currently 42 Celsius in her hometown, and can be minus 40 in winter.

I'm not aware of any Canadian NHS. Most people get health insurance through their employer. I know my elderly in-laws pay $100s every month for their meds.
Their 'NHS'


Probably better than ours. As they had time to learn from our system and improve.
Never lived there but visited few times. Toronto gets cold in winter! Like freezing cold. They have to do any construction work before winter there.
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