What is free with o2 Web Bolt-On?

Found 17th Jul 2009
Iv'e got o2 simpicity with free web bolt on but the advisor I spoke to said all is not free. She said streaming is not free and is fact very expensive. She told me that a 2 min youtube video can cost as much as £6 in data charges! Shocked

The thing is Iv'e been using it quite a bit over the past week, streaming and downloading files and using tomtom traffic updates and it seems I have not been charged. (Yet!)

Can anyone shed some light please on what's free with this bolt on.
Thank you.
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What phone do you have? - Try to make sure all your data runs through wap.02.co.uk on your phones settings if you can

I have the exact same contract and everything works fine for me, never been charged. You can always look online to see what you have used and been charged for
just dont use the phone as a modem
Thanks guys.. the lady I spoke to was very assured in saying that streaming is not free which is why I was worried when she said how much it could cost! Maybe she got confused with using it as a modem? Who knows!

So basically its free as long as I don't connect it to my pc as a modem?

There are a number of different access point listed on my N95, any particular one I should use or not?

O2 Mobile Web
O2 PostPay MMS
O2 Postpay WAP
O2 WAP GPRS Streaming

Each one uses the same settings:

Data bearer: Packet data
Access point name: wap.o2.co.uk

Just a quick Q regarding this, I've seen people selling an 'iphone sim' which has free internet for a year? Is that the same as unlimited web bolt on?
Thanks :-)

I thought you had to have a special 'ipod sim' for free internet on the iphone for a bit then! Scared me. Just waiting for my number to port over, then I can have fun :-)
Good stuff. I chose simplicity, 800 min, 1600 text and unlimited web bolt on, which I thinks pretty good.

Can't wait to start exploring the world of Apple.
i have on o2 xda ignito - otherwise known as an htc touch diamond.

this phone is exclusive (in this form) to o2.

the phone has a built-in official youtube application, so therefore o2 would look a bit foolish if they tried to impose restrictions on an unlimited web bolt-on whilst you're using a program that they endorse.

the simple facts are that unlimited rarely means unlimited, but if you don't take the pi55 you'll be fine

i use my ignito for all sorts of stuff and never been charged

hope this helps
Thanks everyone for replying, I can sleep easy now!
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