what is happening on the one show ?

Found 23rd Feb 2011
Where has the one show gone ?

Has it gone into self destruct mode? I heard some alarms go off on the show , then cut to useless VT and poof ... all gone ?
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still there for me
no theres some nigel slater show on?

oh.....thought that was part of it lol
Not on for me either?
lol ... what ever it was i think in the hstory of the one show it's been the most intresting thing to happen on it
it was weird my tv turned completely off???????????!!!!!!!!!! whats all that about??? oO
bbc cuts ??????lol........lol.......lol
chiles and bleakly attack !
Apparently the place was evacuated so they had to find something to put on in its place quickly.
apparently there is a fire
General public finally getting wise to this lowest common denominator Blue Peter wannabie?
If they showed the fire i may just switch to BBC1
the fire alarm went off... if you missed it someone already put it on you tube youtube.com/wat…x7c

The One Show
Ok, so the fire alarm has gone off but panic not, everyone's alive and well!
Edited by: "blangdot" 23rd Feb 2011
couple hours ago fearne cotton tweeted that they had to evacuate the celeb juice studio (itv2) because fire alarm went off!
both itv & bbc in the same day
Same studios no doubt

Same studios no doubt

nope celeb juice is filmed in hammersmith & one show is in white city
thanks all for clearing that one up
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